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Please email or any of our E-Board Members with any questions

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For High School Students:

Register with HSDA by filling out the "Join us" form below. If you are already in a chapter then it is super important we know how many members are in your chapter and your interests. If you are not currently in a chapter, then fill out the form and make sure to check "Yes" when asked if you'd be interested in starting a chapter. If you do that, we will contact you as soon as possible. 

For Everyone

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We understand it is hard but any amount will truly help for NYHSD to organize effectively and . 

DTC Partnership

With a rapidly increasing amount of politically active youth in Democratic politics, Democratic Town Committees frequently find themselves missing a crucial group of supporters because of their inability to find and bring in this burgeoning sector of civic-minded teens. With every Democratic Town Committee being able to benefit from consistent and meaningful youth engagement, NYHSD finds that it is crucial to act as a path for DTCs to gain more active members and energetic volunteers.

If you want to become an official partner or have any questions please send us a quick email including what town you are from. Once you email we will also send a more in-depth guide to your responsibilities and a great resources guide on how to organize with our High School Members. 

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